Friday, April 12, 2013

The Most Photographed Statue in Las Vegas

There is a lot to see in Las Vegas.  It seems that every hotel has an attraction or two.  There is of course the MGM Lion with is the largest bronze sculpture in the world.  And then there is the statue of Micheal Angelo's  David in Caesar's Palace that is  cut from stone out of the same quarry the original is cut from.  And an exact copy.  But neither of these is the most photographed statute in Vegas.  That honor belongs to a statue at the Riviera Hotel.  It seems they have a long running show there Called Crazy Girls.  And somewhere along the way they put up a Bronze statue of a rear view of some of the cast members.  This is the most photographed statue in Vegas.  I hear that it if you rub the statue that it will bring you good luck.  Perhaps this explains all the shinny hineys.

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