Monday, April 8, 2013

RV Gadget Flea Market Find Zyliss Clamp

I often visit swap meets and flea markets on my travels.  There are certain things that I constantly look and always buy if priced right.  One of these items is the Zyliss Clamping system.  This is a portable clamping system that you may see being sold at a county fair.  It is made out of aluminum and there for is lite.  It attaches easily to a picnic table.  You can clamp an amazing amount of stuff with the item.  There are videos on Youtube  on how to use it.  I payed $25.00 for the setup shown.  I think they are about $300 new.  Over the years I have purchase a number of these and give them as gifts to fellow RVers.  Usually I find them in pieces.  Generally the seller does not know what they have.  They are also available on Ebay.  But if you are walking around a flea market any you see one, buy it your will not regret it.

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