Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another SHTF Post, Urban Bug out Vehicle

     The Rodney King Riots occurred when I lived in Los Angeles.  It was sort of a wake up call.  I got caught 20 miles away from home and family and the freeways were parking lots.  I had to get off and take surface streets.   Most people know the story of Reginald Denny the truck driver that was pulled from his truck and beaten.  That was just a mile of so north of the route I had to take to get home.    There were a couple of times during that trip when I thought that I was going to have a similar problem.  The police would not come out of there stations for several days and order was restored eventually when the National Guard came onto town.

      I immediately did two things, I bought a hand gun and started planning for travel in a grid locked Los Angeles.  I had never had much use for a hand gun before that date thinking that there only real purpose was to kill a person.  During the Rodney King riots and the days that followed I realized that I was out of shape and almost incapable of physically protecting myself anymore.  I was a young strong big guy for most of my life. But no more.  Then I was a middle aged over weight desk jockey.  I could get out of breath thinking about getting in a fight.

     So a purchased a hand gun and carried it around with me for a month or so after the riot.  I also started planning my escape.  One of my routes out of Los Angeles included using bike paths and drainage channels. You can go all over Los Angeles on a bike path and never cross a road.  I choose a small motorcycle for this purpose.  Although I no longer reside in LA, I still have a backup plan that includes a small bike and a trailer.  So I made a video of the bike and trailer and here it is.

I just wrote a book that deals with a SHTF scenario. It is 
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