Saturday, December 1, 2012

What is Money and Why Do I have To Have It?

     Is money that paper you carry around in your wallet or purse.  Why would anybody give you anything in exchange for it.  It has no intrinsic value.  There is nothing that the government has that you can go and exchange that paper for.  Other than maybe wallpapering your house, it hard to use it for anything real.  The money itself doesn't even have to be real.  You don't even have to have the paper.  A bank can credit a computer file which says that you have so much money.

     How can you exist in the world without money.  You can't.  You have to eat everyday.  There was a time when you could hunt and gather your food.  Now you can hunt, but only during certain times of the year and only after giving the government money for a hunting license.  This is further complicated by the fact that a great deal of the good hunting places are now National Forest, or National Parks or some other kind of restricted government land.  And of course if you want to go there you must pay the government an entrance fee.

     I am a little different than most, in that I currently view the modern life style as more of a prison, than a way of life.  In truth, most people can not stop trying to acquire money. There is a need for a place to live.  For food and clothing.  This is just the beginning.  Then there is the phone, the computer, the car, the furniture and the rest of the consumer goods that fill the modern life style.  All of this takes money and the bills never stop.

      Unfortunately, I too must try to obtain money.   I still need to eat.  I must pay for gas and insurance.  I need to stay clothed and warm.  I need a phone and internet service is a nice perk.   I must acquire money.   It seemed like traveling around the country and writing about what I experienced would be an possible
 way to earn a buck or two.  The realities of that are pretty bleak.

     The problem is two fold.  First, I am stuck in Las Vegas.  I am not traveling.  Not a good thing.  I believe that if I was traveling around I would have more readers and would be able to produce more content for the web.  I have written about Las Vegas and have had some success in readership.  Not great, but some success.

     The second part of the problem is that the money generated though advertising doesn't really amount to much.  It took me almost 18 months to earn my first $100.  The second $100 should come in about 7 months.  Better, but not good enough.  The ads on my pages are from Google and are designed to appeal to my readers, still not much.  Diesel is expensive.

     I did try a little E-begging.  I joined a site called under the premise  that someone could sponsor me with a gallon of gas.  The connection has be active for over one year.  I have received $10 in donations so far.  That's enough to get me about 11 miles.  But, I understand.  Money is hard to get.  So people want to hold on to it.

     I'm not giving up though.  I still plan to travel around the country.  I just going to have to do it a lot slower than I want to.  That's all for now.  Thanks for letting me vent. 

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