Monday, December 24, 2012

Converted Bus vs Purpose Built RV

I am a member to a bulletin board call Bus Nuts Online.  If you need help with an old bus there are lots of kind generous people that give of there time and experience to help you out.  A recent post there reflected on a bus owners decision to sell his old bus conversion and purchase a factory built RV.  This set me thinking about why I have always wanted a bus conversion.   I can not really pinpoint why.  I have owned factory built RV's all my adult life. I just got this 1960 bus conversion.   I know very little about a lot of the systems on the bus. But this bus is built better than any RV that I have every owned.

Perhaps it has something to do with my view that the world has finite resources. Corporate America bombards us with advertisement that is designed to make us feel we need the latest and greatest. I believe that we can not continue to throw away what has become old. This includes the skill and experience learned by solving the problems of owning, operating and re-purposing what we already have.  

I know that a lot of people have no inclination towards fixing things.  I personally value self reliance and maybe somehow think of all this a developing survival skills.  Maybe I'm just cheap.  

Sometimes I have to search for the motivation to go climb underneath the bus to fix something.   But the satisfaction I feel from knowing that my hands have shaped, preserved and maintaining my bus is more that worth it. Both my bus and I have are showing a lot of signs of age , but we both have a lot of miles left on us yet.  Whatever the motivation may be, I do ultimately enjoy owning an old bus conversion.

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