Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Last Bag of Hostess Donuts

     Lately, life has been a mess and I have not given the world the same attention that I usually do.  The Television has not been working.  There was a big wind storm and the satellite dish need to be realignment and climbing up on the roof seems like such a chore.  I did however hear bits and pieces about a labor dispute at Hostess.  Most of the talk centered around Twinkies and the fact that Hostess made a lot of other stuff seemed to escape notice.

     I am not knocking Twinkies.  There was a time when Twinkies were a major part of my diet.  They came after RC Coke-a-Cola and Moon Pies and before Ho Ho's.    Then Came Chocolate Cup Cakes,  Orange Cup cakes and finally White Doughnuts.  Then I heard something about Hostess closing the doors.

     Last night I was following one of my normal routines.  I stopped by a burrito place and got my order then on the way home stopped at a gas station for a drink and a treat.  I went to the isle where the white donuts were and they were gone.  There was nothing there.  Not even the racks that held the Hostess products.  All gone. I thought to myself how fast that was.  I commented to the clerk and she pointed to a single bag of doughnuts hanging next to the coffee machine.  The last bag in the store.  They were mini chocolate doughnuts in the $2.99 bags.  Chocolate doughnuts were low on the must have list, but they were the last bag in the store.  I took them home.

     After eating the burrito, I turned to the bag of chocolate donuts.  I ate the whole bag.  It is not often that you can mark with such certainty a moment where the world changes.  Its not world peace or anything like that, but Hostess products have been in stores my entire life.  This was the last Hostess product that I would ever have.  Strange how that made me sad.  I know that something will fill the demand for sweet baked treats   But still, it was sad.  What ever happened to Moon Pies anyway.

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