Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Youtube Milestone Reached

     Why do we say Milestone anyway.  I guess a long time ago they used to put stones along side roads that marked the miles as you traveled.  So Milestone it is.  I have been experimenting with making money on the internet and one of my avenues has been Youtube.  My Youtube user name is 1willwander and my site can be found at   To date I have 105 videos online.  I actually began in earnest in December on 2011.  I have reached the milestone of 50,000 video views.  This is really not a lot.  Some videos have millions of views.  But I am still sort of happy about the growth in my video views.  Not that I am going to the bank much.  To date I have earned $170 from these videos.  That's about $15 a month.  Or Three gallons of diesel.  That not going to get me very far on this trip I am supposed to be taking.  Anyway, thanks for reading this.

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