Friday, October 12, 2012

Abandoned Car Is A Survival Resourse

     I have been thinking a lot lately about the break down of society and surviving the aftermath.  Assuming a solar flare hits the earth with an electromagnetic burst, there would be no electricity for a very long time.  Cars and other machines that rely on electronic would not work.  Maybe older, non computer equipped cars would work.  But even if we just have economic collapse, there would be a lot a abandoned cars around.

     Looking at cars as a potential resource, I asked the question, how could they be used in a post collapse world.  The first and most obvious use would be as shelter.  Cars can keep the world out and you dry.  After shelter the uses for the parts of a car are endless.  Everyone who has the smallest interest in survival has seen a video of someone using a leaf spring to make a knife.  There is a lot of copper in a car.  The wiring is copper and there is an alternator that has copper.  Copper itself has been used as currency for thousands of years.  It is easy to work as a metal and can be used in wire form for bindings.

     I made a list of some of the things that I thought of

          1.   The leaf spring can be used to make tools such as knives, and axes.
          2.   Copper can be used a currency
          3.   Wires could be used for lashing and snares
          4.   Tires may be used for soles for shoes.
          5.   Wheel weights and Batteries contain lead for bullets.
          6.   The car hood and or roof could be used as a sled or to make a shelter.
          7.   The mirrors as signaling devises.
          8.   Oil in the sump could be used for torches.
          9.  The battery contains sulfuric acid which can be used to make black power.
          10. The interior can be used for insulation. 
          11. Alternator could be use to generate power with a wind or water wheel
          12. The water pump could be removed and attached to a wind or water wheel.
          13. The radiator combined with a box and glass would make a water heater.
          14.  The car itself intact could be used to dehydrate food.
          15.  There are a lot of springs in a car that are good for countless uses.
          16.  The dip stick is spring steel and makes a good lock pick.
          17.  The car jack is useful as a press.
          18.  Engine block makes a anvil.
          19.  Brake drums can be turned into a makeshift forge.
          20.  Licensed plates can be used as roof tiles.

This is just a short list that I brainstormed one night while watching TV.  I would be interested in any ideas that you might have.

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