Monday, August 6, 2012

Shaking the Acorn Tree

     I don't know if you have ever seen it.  But there is this device that reaches up underneath the limbs of a nut tree.  It grabs the tree trunk and vigorously shakes the whole tree causing all the nuts to fall to the ground.  They do this to harvest the nuts.  Another devise comes along and sweeps up the nuts off the ground.  If you watch up under the tree during the shaking it kind of looks like the skies are raining nuts.

     The other day I played the 2 P.M. deep stack tournament at Binion's Casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.  I was amazingly lucky during the tournament.  I couldn't miss.  I felt like a blind squirrel standing up under a shaking acorn tree.

Yes I made the final table and took home some cash.

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