Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Switch Another Mystery

This is another post in the continuing saga of My New Project Bus.  I have not moved the bus very far but the journey of discovery is continuing while the bus sits.  I have  tons of experience with gas motor homes.   When it comes to diesel and air brakes, no experience at all.  There is this switch or button that sits just to the left of the drivers seat.  Basically just behind the left elbow.

This switch may not be such a mystery.  When I first started the bus I waited for the air pressure to build up and the bags to inflate.  I went up to about 20 lbs and that was it.  I had seen this switch and wondered what it was.  I had looked in the manual but did not find any information.  From the looks of it, it had something to do with the air system.  After waiting for the air system to build up and not getting results, I started trying things.  I pushed or pulled the button and stepped on the brakes.  During the process I heard a sound that sounded like an air release.  The air pressure started to build.  I assume that this switch has something to do with a brake.  This is just a guess.  I went to the manuals and could not find any information.  I am now posting on boards for help.  Thank God for the internet.

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