Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lost in Translation

     The world  is becoming a smaller place.  With the advent of the  internet, business with other counties is becoming more prevalent.  I have spent some time in South America.  In the late eighties I went to Peru to adopt a child.  I just assumed that every one every where spoke English.  When I got to Peru I discovered that almost no one spoke English. Being in Foreign country and doing a legal transaction without the benefit of speaking the foreign language was very hard. I had to sign all kinds of documents that were written in Spanish without a literal translation of their content. I was told what they said in general,  But I did not know what they said word for word.  I  needed a translation service. 

      There were translation agencies at the time.  The problem was that they dealt in hard copies and faxes.  The turn around time delayed everything.  Now that the internet is everywhere this is no problem.  Now, if we can only get China to use a translation company, we might be able in understand the assembly instruction that come with their products.

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