Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

     In the late 1960's  I went to  a movie  theater and saw the movie The Good  The Bad and The Ugly.   It was hard not to be a Clint Eastwood fan in those days.  Westerns were still big and I loved them.  In The Good, the Bad and The Ugly there was a scene where Tuco (Wallach) was beaten for information.  The picture was set during the Civil War.  The scene occurred at a prison of war camp.  While Tuco was being beaten a band played a song outside to cover the noise.  The song had a sadness to it.  During the movie I  tried and listened but could not make out the words to this song.  Over the  years I watched the movie again and again and each time I would  listen to the song and try to make out what it  was.

     I was never able to figure out what song it was and or what it was called.  Tonight I was trying to come up with a theme song for my web site.  I Was Born Under a Wandering Star came to mind.  So I went to Youtube to see if it was there.  It was and along with the results for that song was a Clip from the Good, Bad, and Ugly.  This got me started and yes I was able to locate the song and the lyrics.  Isn't the internet amazing.

     The song is call A Soldiers Story and was written for the film.  I thought is was a song from the Civil war era.  The song is indeed sad.  It is something of a commentary on war and the price paid by those who fight.  The lyrics are as follows:

Bugles are calling from prairie to shore,"Sign up" and "Fall In" and march off to war.Blue grass and cotton, burnt and forgottenAll hope seems gone so soldier march on to die.

Bugles are calling from prairie to shore,"Sign up" and "Fall In" and march off to war.There in the distance a flag I can see,Scorched and in ribbons but whose can it be,How ends the story, whose is the gloryAsk if we dare, our comrades out there who sleep.

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