Monday, July 30, 2012

Duke of Fremont Street Attacker's Attempted Murder Trial Delayed Again

It has been more than two years since Edmond Paul Price and Victoria Elizabeth Edelman set their trap for the Duke.  Without mercy they ambushed the Duke beating and stabbing him within an inch of death and stealing many thousands of dollars.  More than two years after these event the case was set to go to a jury trial on July 30 2012.  The trail was again continued at the request of the Defendant.  This time the continuance was based on the fact that Price's accomplice Edelman plans on entering a guilty plea in a deal that she reached with the prosecutor and Price is complaining that he does not know the terms of the deal.   The Trial is now set for January 2013.

I understand better than most the complexities of the criminal justice system and the importance of insuring the right of defendants.  But victims have rights too.  Every time a case is set for trial a victim has the stress and anxiety of the up coming event.  This can be very taxing when there are repeated delays in a trial.  The victim just want to move on with their lives while the criminal continues to inflict injury by endless delays.

This defendant is a very good jail house lawyer.  He has sued the State of California in Federal Court for alleged violations of his prisoners rights.  He has taken his convictions there up on appeal.  He has filed appeals and motions in this case and had his indictment over turned on technical grounds.  Price's victory only required that he be indicted again.  All this has but one real point.  Price is in prison and probably will be for a very long time.  All of this is distraction and entertainment in defense of the experience of being in prison.  Instead of the day after day monotony a prison life, Price get to poke back at the system and stay occupied and out of prison in county jail.

I have no doubt that Price will continue his campaign against society for many years into the future.  There will be a day of accounting for Price.  But for now that will not be before January 13, 2013

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