Saturday, June 23, 2012

Making Money While Traveling With Your Blog

     One of my strategies for making money on the road is to advertise on my blog. If you look that this blog you will see advertising on the sides and at the bottom of the post. For the most part you get basically nothing by way of ad money unless someone actually clicks on an Ad. Then the money depends on whether the ad clicker stays on the advertisers site and wanders around a bit.

     There is another form of advertising or more accurately money from advertisers based on link backs.  A link back is text on a web page that when clicked on sends you to the companies web site.  A company will pay you to write a blog post and include “anchor text” with a link to an advertisers site. The advertiser does this so that it can improve its placement in search engine results.  Naturally if you were selling real estate in Florida and some one searched Vero Beach Real Estate, it would be great if your web page popped up as the number one result in a google search.   The advertiser doesn't really expect anyone to click on your web post, it just wants Google to count your link back so that its ranking will improve.  In fact you do not receive any  ad money if someone does in fact use you link to get to the advertisers web page.

     So a company like Blogsvertise will pay you to write a post about a somehow related subject and then after they approve your post, you get paid. Now sometimes you have to be kind of creative to get a blog post about real estate when you blog is about motor homes or some other unrelated subject.  After all what do I know about beach clubs, golf courses or private gated communities.  Although I have actually lived on the edge of the sea, there were no beach front homes that I could afford.  

   Sometimes it can be a little confusing.  I recently got an assignment that requested that I write three paragraphs about an advertiser, but I could not mention the advertisers name.  Unfortunately I did not know anything about the advertiser and  wasn't sure how to write about a company without using its name.  Other than having to be a little creative sometimes, if you have a good blog with good content, you can in fact make  money by providing advertisers link backs to their sites.

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