Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google Payment Threshold Finally Reached

I first monetized my various websites in December 2010.  That's basically a year and a half ago.  It took me about six months  to begin working at trying to increase traffic to my sites.  I have several blogs and two Youtube pages.  Over this time period I  have made and posted approximately 100 videos and 350 total blog post.  I have about 27,000 video views and about 20,000 page views.  This month I reached Google's $100 earnings threshold.  Some time next month I should get a check.

When I first started this process I searched the web for information on how much I would earn for my efforts.  There was no real information available.  Google certainly does not provide any real guidelines.  They just said it depends.  I learned that I would be paid at  least per 1000 page views.  This number appears to be between nothing and 10 cents per thousand.  I would also get paid per click.  This  has ranged  between 3 cents and $2.54.  Mostly in the cent range.  Over the life time of my account I have had 221 clicks.  So if I thought of it as money for clicks only, on average I get paid about 45 cents per click.

On average I currently get about 1000 page views per month on my blogs and about 4000 video views per month.  I don't believe that it will take another 18 months to get to my second $100 Google pay day.  I don't deny that you can get better results than I got.  My approach  to this process was not optimized for income production.  I just posted what interested me.  I don't know that I would have started  down this road if I had known that it would take this kind of effort to make this little money.

I think fairness requires Google to better disclose  information on its Adsense product.  In a sense, I was a partner of Google.  My partner refuses to tell me what the ad rates are and how the money is split up.  My partner controls the statistical information. Google picks the ads that go on  my sites.   They count the click.  They count  the page views.  My analytic programs tell me that I have this many views, but Google say I have less.  Google doesn't explain why there is a difference.

There are other ways to make money with your sites.  Pay for post, affiliate marketing, and other ad services are among  them.  Google is however the biggest player.  In preparing to write this post I looked around for information on what an advertiser would have to pay.  This is usually determined on the basis of 1000 views. In other word advertisers pay a set amount for displaying their ads to 1000 people.  This is the CPM you see in the Adsense reports.   Google Adsense has a minimum bid amount of .25 per CPM.  . Assuming that I  was paid only on a CPM basis I would have made $.02  per CPM.   The actual CPM was much less than this because I had 221 ad click for which money is paid.  So if the advertisers on my site only paid $.25 per CPM, I got $.02 and Google got $.23.  In fact, advertisers rarely pay the minimum, so Google pocketed even more.

All things considered, this just isn't fair.  Unfortunately its just about the only game in town.

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