Saturday, May 19, 2012

What the H*ll is This Thing, Mystery Switch

So I have owned  a motor home of one kind or another  for more that 30 years.  I just bought this bus that was converted to a motor home.  It is diesel.  I know little or nothing about diesels.  I understood this going in.  However, I did not understand all of the other associated systems that come with a bus and have had a slow learning curve.  First of all there is the air ride system.  I have yet to get this off the ground.  The old owner told me that there was an air leak somewhere.  But where.  The engine has not been started and the bus needs the engine running to get air into the system.  I have learned that there are at least two air  tanks.  One in the front and one in the rear.  The one in the front has a connection for an air hose.  I'm going to rig up a hose to use  a compressor to try and air up the system.  Maybe I can do this to locate the leak.

The next thing is the mystery switch in the battery area.  It appears to be in the on position.  I assume that down is off.  What does it do.  Isolate the batteries?  Can the batteries be charged when it is off.   Do you have to turn it off when attached to shore power.    Where's my manual?  How come I don't have a manual?  I guess I am stuck with trial and error.  I have joined a bulletin board for bus owners.  It is a good resource.  It is called Bus Nuts Online and has a tremendous amount of information stored.  The problem is I get lazy and just want someone to tell me the answers so that I don't have to look every thing up.    Well back to my research.

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