Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Project Part Source, Vegas Trailer Supply

My new project has a lot of deferred maintenance.  And the maintenance that was done was not done entirely correctly.  There are patches all over the rig.  I have been working on the water system and the doors.  The doors have rubber hinges that slide down channels in the bus and the door.  These are available and I have begun the process or replacing them.  The water system has leaks that I would like to fix.  Turning the water on and off every time I want to use it is getting old.  The old owner used everything from irrigation system supplies to car bolts to maintain the system.  In Vegas there are a couple of places to get parts.  Camping world is certainly one.   Another is Vegas Trailer Supply.  They are on Fremont Street near the epicenter or RV parks in Vegas.  It is an old school store and seems to have been there forever.   They have knick knacks and what nots for your RV.  Including the fittings for plumbing.  So enough of the commercial.  Here's the video.

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