Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Best Weekly Poker Tournament In Las Vegas

On Friday night I went to the Orleans Casino for a poker tournament.  This tournament is considered on of the best in Weekly Tournaments in Las Vegas.  The reason for this is the price vs benefit analysis.  It cost $125 to get into the tournament.  There are anywhere from 200 to 300 entrants.  Friday there were 250 and the 1st place money was $6.800.  You start with  12,500 chips and it is a deep stack structure.  The player were mostly regulars and it was not an aggressive internet like shove fest.  Play good cards and position  and you will go deep.  I went out 75th.  It was a very familiar story.  I have A-Q and I am late in the orbit.  The player to my left shoves and I think it is a play.  I call and he turns over 5-7 suited. I hit the Queen and  he goes runner runner for a straight.  And so it goes.

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