Thursday, May 24, 2012

20k Video Views and 20K blog page views, 1 1/2 Years and $74.67 With Google Adsense

      So I have been using Adsense for more than  a  year and six months.  I have moneterized my videos and my blogs.  You  can see the ads on this page.   I have had more than 20,000 views on the videos and more than 20,000 page views on my blogs and I have earned a grand total of $74.67.   Of course I have not actually been paid any money.   You  have to actually earn $100 before you can get paid.

      I understand that I must rely on my visitors actually clicking on an ad for me to make any real money.  They are after all Adsense ads and it is perfectly safe to click on them.  No viruses or other malware.  Maybe Google can't seem to find ads that my readers need or want.  I don't know, there must be a better way.

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