Thursday, January 26, 2012

World Series of Poker Caesar's Palace Update

Today  I played in a $200 qualifier for the $1600 main event that starts tomorrow. 371 people played and 47 were awarded seats. I got knocked out early when I was dealt AK and the flop was A rag rag.  Another guy bet big and we got it all in.  He turned over AQ and caught a Queen.  So I re-bought.  At my new table I was sitting next to a big stack who shoved almost ever time he was on the button.  I waited and got A -10.  He shoved and I called.  He turned over K-7 suited and I held up when a Ace fell on the flop. Double up.  I steadily built my stack until I was dealt AA.  I was late and an early small stack shoved.  The big stack next to me shoved and I called.  AA held up and now I am bigger than the big stack.  No more shoving from him.  I basically coasted to the end and won a seat in the main event.  I will be playing on Saturday.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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