Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finding Parts For a Used Motor Homes

For many years now I have owned an RV.  I started out with a cab over camper and have moved my way up to a Class A.  Along the way I had trailers and and Class C motor homes also.  I have always been pressed for money so I always bought second hand.  I would fix up the motor home after I got it.  I found cushion manufactures and had carpet installed and glued panels to the underside of ceilings.  You name it and I  did it.

There were a couple of area where I always found  hard to get a deal.  One was motor home tires.  A lot of the older motor home used 19.5 inch tires.  Why I have no idea.  These tires were used on motor homes and tow trucks.  So if you were looking for RV tires you could almost never find good used ones.  The ones that came off old motor home usually had cracked sidewalls.  If you went to your  local tire store, they did not have them in stock and you had to order them.  So finding tire was always an issue.

Another area where the fix up ran into some money was the seats.  These motor home always had tore up seats.  Finding a couple of  replacement bucket seats that you could make fit in a motor home was always a challenge.  I used to have to manufacture brackets to convert car seat to fit in a motor home. 

All this aside I found great satisfaction in making an old motor home look new.  And I saved a lot of money

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