Monday, October 31, 2011

Playing Poker at the Golden Nugget

     The Golden Nugget is located on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.  It is in my opinion the best hotel in Downtown Vegas.  You meet a lot of interesting people there.  For some reason I meet a lot of Canadians playing poker at this room.  Saturday night I met a couple from Edmonton Alberta.  They were on their one year anniversary trip.  In talking to them I discovered that they were property managers back home.  So if I ever am interested in apartments for rent in Edmonton, I know where to go. 

     I had a very interesting night that night.  I played in the First annual Pin Strips and Poka Dots Poker Tournament.  This was a benefit for the Las Vegas Museum Guild.  There  were celebrities all over the place.  There were also a number of famous poker players there.  All in all there were over ten tables to start.

     For the first part of the tournament I was card dead.  I managed to stay even with the initial chip stack but could get absolutely no traction.  I watched as people increased their stacks all around me.  To make a long story short I play and played and finally made the final table.  I  was the low chip stack.  then my luck turned and  while at the final table I got pocket aces 4 times.  I ended up wining the tournament.  Absolutely amazing.

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