Thursday, September 15, 2011

Making Money on the Web, Making it Easier

     In my quest to find sources of income from working on the web, I have found a site that may interest you. The site is called Real Writing Jobs and indeed they have real writing jobs. This site has brought together a number of resources and presented them in one package.

     First it puts together educational material that gives you a framework to understand some of the methods of making money writing on the web. You can create a web site, put content on it and sell advertising as a way of making money. You can write content for other people to post on their web sites. You can do product reviews. They even have leads for customer service jobs that you do from your own home with your computer.

     Second, they provide you with services designed to help you accomplish your goal of making money on the web. They provide a free web design service and help you get set up with a domain name and web hosting. This site compiles listings of web jobs and writing opportunities for which you can apply and give you the platform to make the applications.

     You can get a trial membership for about $3. After that it will cost you a monthly fee to stay on the program. The question becomes whether or not it is worth the monthly fee. When I first started I did not have a clue. I was looking all over the web at various sites, reading blog post and hoping to stumble upon a method for making money. I can’t tell you the hours that I wasted trying to find the right path.

     In this website you have a turn key system to follow. There are ebooks to read and tutorials to take and all of them are designed to help you get to a point where the money starts to flow in. How valuable is your time. If I had it to do over again, this is where I would start. I did in fact sign up for a membership. I did it because of the ease of applying for writing positions that this site offers. I suggest that you check it out.
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