Friday, September 16, 2011

Hogs and Heifer's Biker Bar in Las Vegas

Hogs and Heifer's is a well-known watering hole.  The bar is found on 3rd Street a block and 1/2 north of Fremont Street. Should you have the time it is definitely well worthy of a visit. Hogs and Heifers is the center point of a wide range of the activities connected with motorcycle enthusiast and attracts visitor coming from all around the globe. As Biker Bars go this is a excellent example. The music which seems to continually be played is either country western or southern rock.  There's a rumour that the "girl bartender dancing on the Bar" thing began at Hogs and Heifers.  There are a couple of pool tables, however the primary activity is drinking. From a visual point of view the interior decor tend to reflect the rebel image associated with some motorcycle riders.  While looking around I noticed an area of the wall dedicated to Elvis.   Also I understand that there's yet another one of these bars in the New York City area.  When I went to the bar I only had a video camera and the security guard informed me that videos weren't permitted. A still camera could be used but only pointed at the bar area.  Once again absolutely a sight to see.

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