Sunday, September 11, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

Our last vacation was visiting the Northern California coast. Our favorite town on the trip was a small bay town with a funny name: Eureka. We stayed for two days. The first day we saw the great redwoods and visited Six Rivers National Forest. The sights were breathtaking. We also got some great pictures- we looked like drawfs next to the giant trees. After a long day of walking and touring the parks, we retired to our tiny bed and breakfast. It overlooked the Humboldt Bay. The bed and breakfast had free wi-fi and Eureka Directv (my husband loves to stay connected when we travel). The inn offered a daily cocktail hour with some of our favorite California wines. The next day we took a historical tour of the city. The Carson mansion and William S. Clarke home were our favorite sights on the tour. If you get a chance to drive from San Fransico to Portland, you must stop in Eureka!

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