Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

     Las Vegas is full of near life experiences.   Reproductions of world famous landmarks and iconic art are all over the place.  Caesar's Palace has a David identical to the original and carved in marble from the same quarry as the original. This post is about the Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas.  While I have always wanted to visit the city of lights, time and money have not been on my side.  So I turn my attention to the Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas.
     The Las Vegas Eiffel Tower is an copy of the one in Paris.  I can't tell if it is an exact copy in every thing except height.  The one in France is 1063 feet tall while the one in Vegas is only 541.

As you can see they are very close to identical.  They are both impressive structures.  The one in Las Vegas comes with a view of the strip.  There is one restaurant and an observation deck.  The restaurant requires reservations and of course serves french food.  The observation deck requires an ticket and prices vary between 10 and 15 dollars.  It certainly gives you more than a flavor of the original.  It is definitely a near real experience

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