Monday, July 18, 2011

North Las Vegas Police Run Amok Fund Raising for the City

I was headed to my favorite restaurant when I came to an intersection.  Crossing in front of me was a North Las Vegas police cruiser closely following a beat up old Honda.  I watched them pass and turned right then immediately left into the parking lot of the restaurant.   I pulled into a parking spot and got out of my car.  Just as I was stepping out of my car the police cruiser pulled in behind me, lights flashing and tripped off its siren.  I was taken aback when two officer jumped out of the cruiser and quickly approached me.  I was carrying a backpack containing my computer which they ordered me to drop.  Next they ordered me to the front of the cruiser and demanded my drivers license.   I guess that I did not look pleased because one of the officers ask me if I had a problem with the police.  I responded that I was uncomfortable with their level of aggression.  The officer said ok and went to the car.  The other officer remained behind me

This is Las Vegas and the middle of the summer.  It had to be 100 degrees out and they have me standing in front of the radiator of a running car.  I complained about the heat and asked if I could move.  I was informed that if I moved or turned around again that I would be arrested and taken to jail.

Another police car arrived with two other police officers and I again asked to move and was again told no and threaten with arrest.  I was given a ticket for no front license plate and for making a left turn without a signal. 

This is not the first time that I have been pulled over in Las Vegas.  I have not had a front license in any of the prior occasions and it was never even mentioned.  Under Nevada law it is even questionable if I am required to have a license plate on the front.  As for the turn signal, I used it and believe that the office simply did not see it when he was making his u-turn.

All that is interesting and all that but the part that get me is that I am held in a very uncomfortable position for more that 30 minutes while I wait for a minor traffic ticket.  It only took a couple of minutes for the officer to get a return on my driver's license to see that I have no record and have never been arrested.   Plus there are two officers there and one could easily watch me while the other was busy writing the ticket.  Then two additional  officers arrive and I  am still held in this uncomfortable spot.

I know that the City of North Las Vegas is near bankrupt.  The City is trying to lay off police officers because of it.  Now the police are engage in a campaign of strict enforcement of traffic law to punish the citizens of the City.  In the process they treat people like desperate criminal while handing out these tickets.   The police in this city put out signs warning the public that they could no longer guarantee the safety of the public.  The real question is who is going to protect the public from the police.

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