Saturday, July 23, 2011

Binion's Best Structured Tournament on Fremont Street Las Vegas

I decided I wanted to play in a poker tournament on Friday so I went down to Fremont Street to check out the action. I have been playing cash games at the Golden Nugget and decided to look into their tournament offerings. I was in the area at about 6 p.m. and the Nugget had a tournament starting at 7 pm. For $105 you get 8500 chips. The levels are 20 minutes. I then went across the way to Binion's and looked into their offerings. Also starting at 7 pm, Binion's has a tournament for $75 wherein you get 7500 chips and the levels are 20 minutes. So it came down to a battle of the blinds. Binion's wins hands down. The first three levels are identical. After that the Nuggets blinds start to sky rocket. Here's a break down

                                      Binion's                                                       Golden Nugget

Level 4                         $150/300                                                     $200/400
Level 5                         $200/400                                                     $300/600
Level 6                         $300/600                                                     $500/1000

Level 7                         $500/1000                                                   $1000/2000
Level 8                         $800/1600                                                   $2000/4000
Level 9                         $1000/2000                                                 $3000/6000

Level 10                      $1500/3000                                                  $5000/10000

As you can see there is quite a difference between the blind structures in the two tournaments. The dollar for chips ratio is better at Binion's. Binion's is clearly the better deal

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