Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Tape When Opening a Resturant

I have a friend who owns and operates a restaurant in the Las Vegas Area. He is in the process of building a new building for a second restaurant. I was visiting with him the other day while he was going over the requirements for complying with health and safety regulations. It seems that these days if you operate a restaurant you are required to maintain a record book of all of the chemicals that are present at the Restaurant. Now I can understand things like Drain Cleaner. Although most humans in America recognize Drano is not something that you should drink. But vinegar? Really? I know it is an astringent. But really who would hire a person who had never heard of Vinegar to work in a restaurant.

In addition to the book of records, he is required to have warning signs in various parts of the restaurant. “Caution Hot Oil” above the deep fryer was one example. Again it seems obvious to me. Then there is the question of just what a hazardous waste is and how many custom labels are required. The spent cooking oil is hazardous in the sense that it can be flammable under the right conditions. Probably make you sick if you drank it. I guess you could slip and fall if some of it got in the ground. So why are all the custom signs required?

It is almost like the government is moving to a AS 9100 like standard for restaurants. I eat out all the time so I firmly believe in clean restaurants. But it just seems to me that the government is micro managing the restaurant business. Before you know it there will be graphic overlays on every surface in the place.  Anyway my friend and I went looking and stumbled upon a company called Data Graphic Inc. They have a web presence and appear to be able to solve all the special labeling requirements faced by my friend.

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