Monday, April 11, 2011

Poker Stars vs Fulltilt Freerolls

I've been playing poker on line for a couple of years and had been a fan of Pokerstar playing most of my time there.  I still like the Stars better for the most part.  However, I recently found myself in need of putting money on my account and ran into a problem in that my funding source went away.  As I tried to solve this problem I looked for freerolls to play.  There are a lot more frequent player point tournaments on Pokerstars.  However for pure freerolls Fulltilt is far and away the better choice.  Every couple of hours you can enter a completely free tournament on Fulltilt that has a real money prize pool.  Pokerstars only has a couple of these a week.  I wrote Pokerstars about this and they sent me some canned email in response.  I know that Pokerstars is the largest in the world and all that.  But when you consider Rush Poker and Multi Entry Tournaments offered on Fulltilt, I wonder how long that will be true.

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