Thursday, April 14, 2011

If You Think Life is Unfair, Try Poker

Everybody who plays poker has one and everyone is tried of hearing them. Bad beat stories. But just what qualifies as a bad beat. Some people believe that a hand beat by a mathematically inferior hand qualifies. So this means I need to be able to calculate pots odds, outs and all that stuff to determine if I got a bad beat. That too much trouble.

Another definition is a strong hand is beat by a stronger hand,. Say I have pocket kings and lose to pocket aces. I don’t buy this one. If you’re playing good cards and another person beats you with good cards, that just good poker.

I my opinion we need another definition. I was playing poker at the Golden Nugget the other day. I have not played no limit for a while because my bankroll has been thin. So I broke my rules and took $100 and sat in on a game. With only $100, you have to pick and chose your spots. I played tight until I had about $84 on the felt. I got pocket kings. There were a couple of big stack bullies at the table. I don’t mind them, I just play tight good cards and let them fall were they may. I raised with my kings to $16. One bully raised to $45 and the other bet enough to put me all in. I called and the other player came along. I tripled up and continued to play tight conservative poker until my stack reached $350. I should have gotten up and gone home. About the time I started thinking about leaving a new player sat down. It was obvious that he was three sheets to the wind.

This new player started spewing money on the table. Nothing loosens up a poker table more that a loose aggressive drunk. I decided to stick around for a while and wait and see how he played. He over bet low pocket pairs, called a board showing four to a flush with his straight draw, and generally played drunk. He re-bought several times while I waited for my opportunity. Finally again I got pocket kings. With out much effort I got all of my stack in against him before the flop. He turned over pocket nines. Do I really need to tell you that he caught a nine on the river to felt me. I got up from the table, pockets empty and headed home.

To me that’s a bad beat story.

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