Friday, March 18, 2011

Need Help Writing a Blog - Say it Better

If you want to write a blog but need help with the writing part there is a tool for you and you can try it out for free.  This product is called Whitesmoke 2011 English Writing Solution.  I personally can not spell at all.  On top of that I tend to leave of the end of  words, like "ed" and "s".  The problem is that when I read what I have written, I already know what I said, so I just don't see that I left off an"ed".  These mistakes are not detected by a spelling checker, "detect" and detected" are both spelled correctly.

This program has comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and styles checkers.  Most of this stuff I don't even understand.  I was missing  in action during English class in high school.  So a tool that uses the power of a computer to analysis my writing and improve the way I state my ideas is a must for me.  All I know is that my writing is better after running the program.  It simply sounds better when I read it.

This program can do a lot more this this.  You can use this program to translate your writings into other languages.  In addition you can translate other languages into English.

There is free trial.  Give it a shot.  If you don't like what you see there is no obligation.

Click here and sign up for the free trial:  Whitesmoke 2011 English Writing  Solution

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