Monday, March 28, 2011

Help For Your Small Business - Payroll Software

I don't usually write about business issues but I decided to make an exception.  I have been a business owner forever. As a business owner I have had payroll obligations to cope with. I have used payroll services to handle this task for me. I just didn’t want to deal with the hassles of the bi-weekly payroll. I have found a solution to this issue. A company provides me with an affordable simple solution. The company is Patriot Software, Inc. They have a payroll program that allows me to handle all of my payroll chores painlessly.

First, I can access my payroll application from any computer. I do not have to install GoToMyPC or any other such remote accessing program. All I have to do is log onto the program and I have access. All of my data is stored on their server. I was a little concerned about security until I discover the encryption process they use to protect my date so that no one else has any access to it.

When I want to do payroll, I simply fill in the hours and I’m done. The program allows me to pay my employee with either printed checks of direct deposit. I can set it up any way you want. There are many other feature that are include that I will not go into here,  But let me say this is a full service payroll program.  The software cost me $10.00 per month to use. I was paying $120 every two weeks.

The company is currently offering a free trial. You can find more information about the software by clinking the link below.

Online Payroll Software Starts at $10 Try it FREE

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