Friday, March 18, 2011

Google Support Missing in Action

I have been using Google for many years now.  After blogging for a couple of years I decided to use Google Adsense on my blog to see if I could make a little money on the side.  I have issues with this program.  Google uses a client based support system.  What that means is that Google sets up forums for posting questions and allows other users to answer your questions.  Google edits the system and creates a data base of responses you can search for your answers.  Totally missing is any good explanation of how you will be paid for allowing Google to show your readers ads. 

Google says "it depends".  Of course it "depends"  Everything "depend".  How many visits do I have per month.  How many clicks do I have.  But what is the formula?  I just started this Adsense program in the middle of January and just reached the Holy Grail of 1000 page impressions.  I got a pay of $00.01. Yeap that is one cent, for 1000 page impressions.  Could this possibly be right.  There is absolutely no way to ask Google.  

What I think we need is a day of protest.  If every adsense user in America suspended their Adsense account for one day, it could potentially cost Google millions.  Maybe this would prompt Google to create and few new support jobs and you and I could get some actual answers.

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Anonymous said...

Let them have it. That is not right by any means.