Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Binion's Casino - Poker's Hallowed Ground

If you are a Jazz musician, it Bourbon Street.  If you love Baseball its Cooperstown. If you are a Stock Trader its Wall Street.  If you are a poker player then its Binion's.  Binion's is where the World Series of Poker began.  Benny Binion also started the Poker Hall of Fame.  The current popularity of poker is attributed to the World Series of Poker and Chris Moneymaker's victory at Binion's.

Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Tom McEvoy, Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, Jr., Huck Seed, Scotty Nguyen, are just of few of the player who made names for themselves winning the WSOP at Binion’s.  The WSOP as we know it began in 1970.  It remained at Binion's until 2005. 

The Casino has seen its fair share of troubles.  Benny Binion was indeed a full on mobster.  He lost his license to run a Casino and his kids took it over.  They made a movie about.  The Casino was eventually closed by the Gaming Commission and then purchased by Harrah's Gambling, who took over the World Series of Poker, the trade mark Horseshoe, and the Poker Hall of Fame.  The Casino is currently up and running and has a series of poker tournament everyday.  In addition the poker room has live games available 24/7.
It just seems to me that if you are a poker player and you are in Las Vegas, then you must make a pilgrimage to Binion's to play and walk the halls where so many poker player got there claim to fame.


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