Monday, February 28, 2011

Web Base Auto Repair Cost Estimator Great Idea

I am always being ask for help on cars. I do indeed work on my own vehicle and maybe I do have some superior skill or knowledge. But it is still a chore to be counted on for an opinion on issues related to auto repair. I was recently referred to a site that gives you information on what your auto repair should cost. The site is easy to use. All you do in input your Car model, say Toyota Camry in to the appropriate field. Identify the needed repair. Provide general location information and you get a report that informs you of the range of price for such a repair.

Now when a friend says "do you think $50 is to much to investigate a check engine light warning"? I can point them to this site and they can get the information themselves. The Site is called Repairpal. It can be found at

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