Monday, February 28, 2011

Timex Ironman Watch - Is This Thing for Real

My brother has alway been one of those sports nuts that regularly runs, rides and bikes himself around the universe. I never really saw the appeal. But it has given me the opportunity for easy gift selection. The runners, bikers, and swimmers of the world live in a gadget rich enviroment. The need for a present arose and I went looking for ideas. I coulud have given him a package of Gillette mach3 razors, or a couple of Flotec pumps but I settled on a Timex Ironman Watch. These things are amazing.

First it has a built in GPS. That means that you can know where you are at all times. But it also means that you can measure speed, distance, pace and who knows what else. I am sure that he wants to know the pace that he is traveling. He probable has it all figured out in advance on some computer program that he used to plan his race. Anyway I bought it off the internet and he loves the thing.

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