Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Mob or Orgainzed Crime Returns to Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Mob Experience is set to open March 1st at the Tropicana on the Strip. This is more than just a museum. When you begin your tour, you are given a tracking device that feeds information to the exhibits. This allow the exhibits to interact with you. It is sort of like walking onto a stage and becoming a character in the play. You are asked to make choices along the way. Everything from what to do with a casino cheat to how much to skim off the top. The choices you make are remembered and analyzed at the end of the experience. I guess you find out if you would have made a good Godfather.

The attraction does include the Mob during prohibition and covers the decline of the Mob's influence in Las Vegas. The attraction also includes possessions of former mobsters, such as Bugsy Seigel car.

If I am going to have a role in this play, may be I should dress the part. Anybody seen my Fedora?

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