Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elongated Pennys of Las Vegas, Smashed Pennys

As some of you know I am on sort of a adventure where I am supposed to be traveling around the country. As part of the process I got rid of a couple of collections that I maintained. I just could see carrying my rock collection around in my RV. One collection that I did not get rid of was my elongated penny collection. It wasn't really a collection that I intended to have. Since I purchased auctions of abandoned good, I would come accross them from time to time. I would throw them in a drawer and soon enough I had dozens of them. As a reluctant elongated penny collector I keep a lookout as I travel around Las Vegas for the machines. I thought I would refer you to the . The is a great site that covers the locations where you can find penny elongating machines everywhere. Including Vegas.

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