Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cowboy Vic aka Vegas Vic Las Vegas Icon

It is easy to walk around Vegas and get overwhelmed by the sites and sounds. Everywhere you look there are signs with flashing lights and spectacular displays. Sometimes there is a lot of history behind the glitz. It the 1940's Vegas needed visitors. The city fathers hired a publicity firm to do the job. A caricature of a cowboy was created for the campaign. The phrase "Howdy Podner" was used in the adverting. It was a hit. Shortly there after a Neon sign version of the character was designed and placed upon the Pioneer Club on Fremont Street. The original sign had a waiving arm, a moving cigarette. and said "Howdy Podner" every few minutes. The arm no longer waives and he has been silenced. Other that that he has been restored and remains in his original perch on Fremont street. The building is now a souvenir store.

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