Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Who's has the best shrimp cocktail in Vegas. During the time that I have been in Vegas, I have had a number of friends come to visit. A recurring theme has been the Shrimp cocktails. I believe that they are recapturing an experience from the past that they have recounted to others over and over. A great deal on a shrimp cocktail. I guess that it is just a part of the Vegas experience.

I first came to Vegas in 1970. I went to the Golden Gate Casino on Fremont Street and got a shrimp Cocktail for under a dollar. Recently another friend came to Vegas and shrimp cocktails came up again. We ended up at the Golden Gate Casino and got a shrimp cocktail. Now they sell two. One with smaller shrimp for $1.99 and the big one for $2.99. According to someone who does surveys, it the best in town.

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