Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prime Rib in Las Vegas Eating Cheap

I guess I am on a food thing lately because this is the second post in a row on the subject. I recently met up with a friend from Los Angeles who was in Vegas for his birthday. He wanted to go to dinner at Lawry's Restaurant. I love prime rib so I naturally wanted to go. Lawry's is definitely fine dinning. There is an experience factor to eating at Lawry's. Of course you can not get better Prime Rib. Lawry's rolled out a large cart with huge hunks of meet that they carve at the table. The staff is very friendly and attentive to your needs. I ordered the Lawry's cut. It was about $37 and included mashed potatoes and a salad. I also ordered the spinach for $6 or $7 dollars more. After my beverage and a tip I was over $60 for the meal.

A night or two later I went to down town Vegas. I have mentioned the El Cortez Hotel before as it is a favorite place of mine. They serve prime rib in their resturant. There is a fine food restaurant at the El Cortez. It is called the Flame. It good also. But I am talking about the regular restaurant. They sell prime rib for $8. It includes potatoes, a vegetable and a salad. With a drink and tip I got out of the place for about $12. The prime rib was not as high in quality as Lawry's. My server was an old school vegas waitress, not a young hip trendy kid like at Lawry's. It was good food and I saved myself $48 bucks that I later lost playing poker.

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