Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Dog Named Boo

A dog named Boo

     I have a dog named Boo. You may think that I got the name from that song, You know, “me and you and a dog named Boo” by Lobo. Or maybe from the end of those TV shows that said something like “Sit Boo Boo sit.” The more literary of my friends think it came from the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird. Boo was the neighbor that saved the little girl. Well the truth is not anywhere as interesting. Here’s the story.

     A few years ago my daughter came for a visit and decided that I was spending too much time alone. I needed a dog. I have had dogs most all my life and after my last dog Duke died of cancer, I was a little reluctant to get a new dog. When my daughter decided I needed a new dog, I agreed to go look. We started going to the local shelter on a daily basis. For the most part the dogs were all pit bull mixes. I just could not get excited about a pit bull mix. Now I know there are a lot of opinions about pit bulls. Let me say this; My mother had a pit bull and he was the most loyal dog I have ever seen. Plus, there was no way that dog would let you anywhere near her if you were angry. I still didn’t want to get a pit bull.

      It seemed that every time we saw a dog that we liked, there was some sort of problem. They were on hold, they were already adopted, or something. Anyway after about two weeks of looking we saw a dog I liked. But she was being picked up later that day. We came back the next day and there she was again. We ask and were told that she was returned by the people because they did not like her. So we took her.

      Boo, however, was not her name. Her name was Riley. The problem is that I had a Blue Tick Coon Hound for a short period of time. She was a rescue and was terrified of everything. So, naturally I called her Boo. It turned out that I moved and could not keep her and I found a nice home for her. So when I got this new dog, I couldn’t stop calling her Boo. It stuck.

      Boo is a quite dog. She would not bark at all when I first got her. If someone knocked on the door she would not bark. She would come and get me, but no bark. Almost every day I would go to my storage units. I sell thing I buy, so I need storage units. My particular unit was on the perimeter of the site and in the middle of the building. This meant that there was a 300 yard cinder block wall that ran right in front of my storage unit. Boo loved it there. It just so happened that the trees and bushes along the wall were well populated by Squirrels. So it became Boo's job to protect the storage facility from squirrel invasion. The top of the wall was a squirrel highway. Boo would just sit and watch for the traffic to begin. She would chase them to the nearest tree proudly return certain in her continued success at turning back the invasion.

      Some dogs kill squirrels. Not Boo. On rare occasions a squirrel would venture onto the ground within the confines of the storage facility. Boo of course would chase them out. On one particular occasion she ran one down. I feared the worst for the squirrel. It ran out of get up and go so it just came to a stop. Boo smelled it a little and then went around to the back and stepped on its tail. In my mind I imagined Boo saying to herself, how do you turn this back on. Where’s the go button. The squirrel just slowly walked over to a bush and climbed in.

      It is not hard to like Boo. She is naturally very friendly and has this way of leaning into you when you pet her. I swear she smiles when she first greets you. I used to take her to the swap meet every week. Boo quickly became a very popular dog. It got to the point were every Sunday at the swap meet, people would bring her food. I had to stop feeding her on Sunday because of all the food. One lady actually cooked her Bacon and Eggs every Sunday. There were bones and cookies and all kinds of things. People stopped by to see my dog, not me, my dog.

      I often say that I like my dog more than most of the people I know. This is really not a bad thing because most of the people I know like my dog more than they like me. So it works out.