Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busted Bank Roll

Being that I am in Vegas and want to support myself playing poker, I naturally have been playing live. I started playing a 1 - 3 - 6 spread limit game at the El Cortez. In this game there is one single $1 ante. Any bet up to the river could be from $1 to $3. The river bet could be anything from $1 to $6.

This translates into a very cheap game. All you have to pay to stay is $1 every ten hands. You can see a lot of hand for very little money. If you play tight you can literally stay all night on $20. There are two problems with this game. First, you can't win very much money. Espically if you play tight. Second, Eveyone calls. You end up being drawn out on all the time.

This is where I learn to play. I practised reading the board, Counting the outs and calculating the odds. I did become very frustrated with being drawn out on all the time. I was spending a lot of time there and not making any real money. I needed to go up in limit. I played 2-4 for a while and won reglarly, so I decided to step it up to no limit.

I had been playing no limit for a while, holding my own. I wasn't making or losing money, just staying even. I was playing what is called "low limit no limit." These are games that have a cap on the buy in. Like from $100 to $300. This way its harder to get run over by a large stack. I had been playing this limit for about three weeks when I decided to try playing at the MGM Grand. I had heard that it was a good place to play in that there was a lot of loose money there. Well, the long and short of it is that I ran into Quads (four of a kind) three time that night. Each time I was in with good cards. The first two were within ten minutes of each other and the same player had them. The odd of seeing Quads are about one in every 72,000 hands. Needless to say I lost most of my bank roll. I left the MGM broke and in utter disbelief. So its back to low limit again to rebuild my bank roll.

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