Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bank Roll Update

Its been about a week since I last posted. Instead of redepositing I decided to grind it out. I have been distracted in that I have been playing live. I am after all in Vegas. I played a low buy in tournement at The Poker Palace last Friday. The Poker Palace is far from a palace. Its an older Casino and it is a little run down. I don't mind, I'm a little run down myself. The buy in is $20. with rebuys for 45 minutes and a $10.00 add on at the end of the first break. On Friday they get anywhere between 50 and 70 people. I made the final table and we chopped 10 ways.

Saturday I played a freeroll at The Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas. Its a newer Casino but it is a little in the middle of no where. All you have to do is play live 10 hours and you qualify for the freeroll. There is a $2000 guarantee. I made the final table as the chip leader and again chopped 10 ways.

Flush with all this success I play live over the weekend and lost everything I had won in both tournements. So goes poker. Anyway, I got around to playing on PokerStar and started rebuilding my stack. I had to play $1 double of nothings. I'm not kidding, there are tougher players at this level than in the $20 games. The bankroll is now up to about $12. Another couple of succussful games and I will be back where I started and will play higher stakes.

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