Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans

     Yes it is true, life is what happens to you while your making other plans. I had planed to go to Texas to spend time with my mother. I haven't seen her in nine years and she's not getting any younger. I left California on Easter and planed to take a couple of weeks to get to Texas. Well things started happening. The first thing is that about 200 miles after I started the water pump on my motorhome gave out and I was stuck. Took a couple of days to get the part, then I was on my way. When I got into Las Vegas, I discovered that my cell phone did not work. I discovered that despite what the company said, it would not work anywhere except where I'm from. So new cell phone.

     Then for no apparent reason, my computer dies. It took me almost 10 days to replace with a loaner. Still trying to get a replacement. Now the hitch on my motor home broke and I can't pull the Puddle Jumper. In the mean time I am spending my traveling money fixing all this stuff. So I guess Texas will wait. But I keep making plans and life keeps happening.

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