Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set, Hold Everything

My trip finally started. I decided to wait for Easter for two reasons. I thought that the roads would be clear. Wrong. Tons of people going places. Secondly, I thought that it being Easter and all, I would start a my new beginning then. It just seemed appropriate. I haven't been anywhere in my motorhome in a long time. I drove around town just a couple of miles at a time. Naturally, I was worried that something might break. My friend Chuck said that he was betting that I would not make it to Bakersfield before something happened.

I left the radio off and just listened to my motor for the firsts hour. It purred just fine. The belt on the alternator would wine every now and then but it has been doing that for years. Then I hear a squeal. Slight at first, but it was getting ever so louder. I stopped for breakfast and before continuing my trip, I put some treatment in the power steering pump. This too had squealed in the past and so I treated it with a anti-squeal additive. No more squeal.

After about another 100 miles there is another squeal. Its getting louder and louder. I guested that my power steering pump was making the racket. The only problem is that the temperature is going up. I watched it closely for a couple of miles and it kept going up. So I pulled over to the side of the road and listened. There was an unmistakable whistle. You got the radiator. That the only thing on a car engine that I have heard whistle. So I turned off the motor and the overflow began.

I limped the motorhome two miles to a rest stop. There are not a lot of rigs that can tow a motor home. So I had to wait for a while for one to arrive. Hooked it up, just like a car. I only wish it cost the same. No that is not some guy I ran over in under the motorhome. The tow truck driver was under there disconnecting the drive shaft. Said it would protect the transmission. He towed me to a RV park and left me in a space all ready to be hooked up. The reason for this is that 1. its Easter and no one is open 2. I'm in the middle of nowhere and it is going to take two days to get the part. So, here I am sitting at the computer, no cell phone signal waiting for a part to show up. Thank goodness for on line poker. I have been signing up for 360 person tournaments with a 10 cent buy in. That's right 10 cents. If you play conservatively, you can kill a good two and a half hours.

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