Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Wander lust
I have been afflicted with wanderlust for as long as I can remember. At six or seven, I would worry that I would never go anywhere. That I would be stuck in the same place all my life. My poor parents would suffer, as I would run away. Didn’t know where I was going, I was just going.
We lived on the edge of civilization. Down the street about 12 houses were the woods. A pine forest to be exact. I grew up in a town of about 100,000 in the south. The ground was red and everything else was a shade of green. So twelve houses away was the wilderness. On any given summer day, I would disappear into those woods and not return until the sun went down. It was a thick pine forest occasionally broken by a clearing, the remnants of an old homestead. There was a lot of rain and this translated into brooks and streams all through the woods. An abandoned mill held back a small pond. It was once much deeper, but after many years the void behind the dam had filled and it was more of a waterfall. A nice place to get lost in. This was the genesis of my desire to move around.
When I was about 12, I moved from the south to Los Angeles. What an adventure that was. That story is for another chapter. I remained in Los Angeles for way too long. I had a career. All during this time I adventured around California. When my kid were small, we would have theme summers. Every other weekend we would be off. One summer it was rocks and minerals, the next summer California Indians. There was California Gost Towns and abandoned mines. Then the kids grew up.
So I decided to go on a trip around the country. I did this once before when I was 16. I hitchhiked all over the country for a summer. Sleeping on the side of the road. Carrying everything that I owned in a backpack. I had been saving the next trip around the country for when I retire. Then I decided that I would go now. I may not be healthy when I retire. And now I’m not going to have any money anyway. So I’m going now. No budget. No reserve. No emergency fund.. Will see.