Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Universe Is Speaking to Me.

     You're probably not one of those people who see and hear messages in the course of their daily lives. You know, your thinking about remodeling the kitchen and you stumble across a flier from an old high school buddy who is doing remodels. Or you're thinking about a vacation spot and your favorite TV programs does a show at that location.
     I sometimes think that the universe is indeed talking directly to me. I need to go to Texas. I'm taking steps to get there. There's a lot involved. All the while, as I take the steps, I constantly host this internal debate about the decision. Sometimes the committee that meets inside my head won't shut up and I have to leave the tv on at night so I can go to sleep. I won't bore you with all the detail of the debate, but recently I wrote a note about running away from home. A day or two thereafter I was reading the morning paper and there, right in front of me was a commentary on running away from home. Basically the article argued that it was not the thing to do. Self doubt got a couple of extra seats at the conference table. The Universe was talking, no shouting at me. The next day, while driving in my car, which by the way is a favorite site for a committee meeting, I was indeed engaged in a ragging debate on the merits of my decision and its true motives.
     So I'm driving along behind this large dump truck. You know the kind. The one that totally blocks your view. You can't see around it no matter how hard you try. I come to a stop behind this large truck at a stop light, debate raging. Sitting there, full of second guessing and self doubt. I look up and see a sticker on the back of the dump truck. And it said something to the effect " not all who wander are lost". See not only does the universe talk to me, it joins in the debate.