Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paring it down

Over the last few years I have acquired two storage units full of stuff.
Stuff that I was going to fix, sell, keep or give away. Now I am faced with the task of getting rid of it all. As I am going through these treasures, I am amazed at the stuff I forgot I had. And its not like I can just throw it away. I didn't save just junk. It all has value. Someone would want it. So anyway, I am down to 1 1/4 storage units.

Mike, a fellow traveler on the Swap meet circuit says that he has a philosophy when it comes to "stuff". He claims that if he does not touch it for six months, he throws it away. I had a wife once that had this view. But with a slight modification. If I didn't touch something for six months she would throw it away, but only if it belonged to me. She had no such policy when it came to her stuff. This kind of got on my nerves, so I stopped touching her. Yeah, you guessed it.

Anyway, I have a couple of friends that have the same affliction that I have. They too collect stuff that they can fix, keep, sell or give away. They have promised to take whatever I decide to leave behind. So now I must decide what to take.